Flower Power Exfoliating Face Mask

All Natural Flower Power Exfoliating Face Mask is filled with Natural Clays and Flowers to give your skin the Cleanse and moisture it needs for Radiant Skin!!! 

Our Hand Crafted Flower Power Exfoliating Face Mask is created with Premium Moroccan Red and Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, and Turmeric. Each ingredient adds its own Powerful Essence while Promoting Restorative Healing with every uses.

Use on Skin

Simply add Water or for best results use Aloe Or Rose Water.

• Moroccan + Bentonite Clay - Remove Impurities + Cell Regeneration

• Activated Charcoal - Remove Toxins + Impurities + Exfoliation + Pore Cleansing

• Herbs - Smooths Skin + Antioxidant

• Turmeric - Antiseptic + Antibacterial + Anti-Inflammatory


Each Batch is made Small and made to Order to Ensure Freshness and Effectiveness.