Frequency Healing Sessions

Tuning Fork Vibrational Healing is a gentle, non-invasive acoustic healing. This sound and vibrational healing uses tuning to help balance the energy of your body. Tuning is a vibrational frequency that aids in moving energy, removing energy blocks, and increases energy flow. As a result, Tuning Fork Vibrational Healing may help reduce pain, increase circulation, help balance emotions, and increase overall energy. 

Tuning Fork Vibrational Healing helps your body respond to the vibration by aligning and balancing energy flow and placement. The inaudible undertones and overtones creates an acoustic vibration your body receives which promotes a corrective function within your body. By moving along specific energy centers, the tones can help smooth out the incoherent patterns to restore a more balanced harmonious state of being.

We offer a combination of Reiki Energy Healing with Sound Healing to help align and balance the Chakras and restore balance in the mind and body.