Ultimate Self Care Wellness Bundle

Our Ultimate Self Care Wellnes Bundle is a great way to obtain all of our Self Care Wellness Essentials in one Bundle. Purchase monthly to assure you have you Wellness on a regular. I Am Ultimate Self Care Wellness Bundle includes: 

  • 16 oz Herbal Bath Salts
  • 4 oz Awake Pink Himalayan Salts Scrub
  • 4 oz Honey Hemp Body Butter
  • Sacred Anointing Oil
  • Herbal Black Soap
  • Omega Skin Toner
  • 4 Tea Light Candles
  • 4 Rose Water Incense
  • 1 Bath Loofa
  • 1 Exfoliating Facial Pad
  • Flower Power Exfoliating Face Mask
  • Free Gifts